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Equity Algorithm Investment Fund is proud to announce an international launch of two cutting-edge applications for self-development and talent discovery. Neural networks and advanced Apple technologies make Champions Fitness Center and CoreSound highly professional and personalized digital instruments for those looking to improve their music and workout skills worldwide.

Champions Fitness Center (CFC) is an iOS application combining the advanced body and motion recognition technology with unique workout process and tips from the world-class champions. A team of sports, media and IT professionals worked hard for over a year to deliver this innovative product that has easy access to the world's sports community and personalized workouts. High-end technology platform exclusively provides tailored video workout programs and activity and body recognition trained on the world champions’ and users’ data. CFC is not just online fitness, CFC is a community open for champions to share their expertise and inspiration with fans worldwide. CFC’s strategy goes beyond simply promoting health and fitness habits. The app offers an exclusive opportunity for everyone to identify and master professional sports skills in a safe and personalized manner, being coached by unquestionable world-class professionals and supported by like-minded people. CFC is not a pioneer in the growing digital fitness and multibillion traditional fitness market. However, CFC is the first product that can take any number of users due to highly efficient technology that mostly uses a device’s capacity. Moreover, the app has a huge promo-potential from sports stars and events. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, nations worldwide are in quarantine with various restrictive measures put on their citizens. Forced or voluntary, more and more people stay at home without opportunity for regular training and fitness. We launch subscription-based CFC for free during the pandemic to help people worldwide stay fit & healthy, as well as personally coached and cared for during these turbulent times.

CoreSound is a powerful analysis instrument for professional musicians, young talents and everybody else who loves and enjoys music. CoreSound helps to unleash musical creativity and to discover killer pieces. In just a few seconds, neural networks-based algorithm evaluates music potential across genres and countries in Apple Music Top Charts using just personal device capacity. CoreSound is one of the first innovative digital products in the musical industry specifically designed for a wide audience, not limited to professionals. CoreSound helps its users to uncover and improve creative skills in an effortless personalized manner. All activities on the app are private and available only to the creator. Users will be able to access any feature for free with ads or for an ad-free subscription. The latter is a good option for professionals who has a constant flow of music content to process and share. CoreSound mission is to become a personal sound producer, an honest digital judge and a professional music editor for everybody who creates music and other content. CoreSound is also a new interactive way of communicating with like-minded people and music fans internationally. We hope that in difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, our product will become a source of inspiration for many people and a brand-new opportunity to bring top talents to light, wherever they are.


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